Easter Charcuterie Cups

Easter Candy Themed Charcuterie Board

Are you hosting on Easter or maybe want to gift a themed Easter candy charcuterie board? Let me help you make it memorable! As with any boards you are doing... KEEP IT SIMPLE!

For this board I purchased everything from the Dollar Store or Target. 


-Easter colored platter 

-Different colored Easter candy and different sizes

-Tongs/spoons (to pick up sweet treats)

With this board I started with the Easter colored wrapped chocolates. A great way to keep small pieces in one place on your platter is to find small containers to house them in. You can sprinkle a different candy around it in order to hold it into place. This creates depth within your board and a fun visual.

Continue to add your candy in groups until your platter is covered. Make sure to include tongs and spoons to guests can easily pick out what they want from the board. 

Make this board extra special by giving guests charcuterie cups to places their candy in as they pick out their favorite candy piece-by-piece!

Another great way to use our charcuterie cups for Easter is by pre-filling each of the cups.  These can be a great visual for a party, given as party favors or a sweet gift for teachers, friends or someone who you want to make feel special.

I can't wait to see what you come up with! Send pictures to emilymariedesignco@gmail.com so we can feature your creativity in our social media posts!

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