Valentine charcuterie cup ideas

Valentine Charcuterie Cup Ideas

Charcuterie cups aren't just for meats and cheeses. You can use them for a wide range of things including gifting purposes. Don't have a large budget, but want to show the people in your everyday life that you love and appreciate them? Charcuterie cups to the rescue!

Red Polka Dot Party Cups


  • Valentine themed charcuterie cups
  • filler (I used crinkle cut paper)
  • 3-5 individually wrapped Valentine candy
  • small card with cute saying with your name signed to it

Start by filling your charcuterie up with your filler. Then, place your taller candy in the back and the smaller pieces in the front. Don't forget to add your card for a personalized touch! The finishing touch is to sprinkle a couple more pieces of crinkle paper for some fun texture! 

Gift these to your teachers, students, coworkers, friends and neighbors.  Don't forget the nice woman at the grocery store that always has to come help you when you inevitably place something in the "bagging area" too quickly and the light illuminates to signal for help. 

Pink Gingham Charcuterie Cups

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