Charcuterie Cups in a Charcuterie board spread

Wine Tasting Party and Charcuterie Cup Spread

One of my best friends from 7th grade invited some of her closest friends over for a wine tasting party. In my mind, I was thinking that she was going to have a couple of different kinds of wines out for us to sip and try, but OH MY GOODNESS IT WAS SO MUCH MORE! She went above and beyond and created a tasting menu for each guest. We all told her ahead of time if we wanted to try whites or reds. Once I saw the tasting menus it all made sense! I am the first to admit I don't know a ton about wine and honestly... dare I say... it isn't my favorite, BUT the atmosphere and the attention to detail was so incredibly special and made the evening so much fun. 


Gold and White Striped Charcuterie Cups


How to set up your own wine tasting:

1. There are so many ways you could go about this, but her menu had the 3 different wine descriptions and 3 glasses of wine.  You took a sip of each and tried to identify which wine went with each description.

2. Once you partnered each class with each description you then personally rated each wine according to your liking. 

3. Then, you went through and tried to identify which one was the least expensive ($10-$15), middle ($30-$45) and most expensive ($45-$65). Shockingly, I actually got all of these right!

4. Lastly, she read out the description of each (I was wrong on all of them) and the cost of each of the bottles of wine.  


Gold and White Striped Charcuterie Cups


It took an incredible amount of planning and preparation on her part, but oh my goodness it was worth every bit for the amount of fun we had! The focal point of the whole evening was the amazing charcuterie spread she had set up using my gold and white charcuterie cups. I am incredibly blessed with the amount of friends who have supported me since launching my business. I loved how she incorporated the charcuterie cups into her spread with different foods and utensils. But she wasn't done using the cups because as we were all leaving she handed us each a party cup filled with party favors! It was the perfect ending to a perfect night and I hope you can take some of these ideas and make your friends feel as special as she made us feel that night!


Gold and White Striped Party Cup


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